Stephanie Love's Bio


Stephanie Love is extremely passionate about music and ultimately being the most creative individual she can be. She values honesty and respect, which are things she incorporates in her music. By the age of 8, Stephanie took part in a musical production at a local community college. Over the years, she has performed in talent shows and auditioned for TV shows such as X Factor, America’s Got Talent, and The Voice. Though she didn’t make it through, she never let a single “no” stop her. At the age of 14, Stephanie submitted a poem to a contest and it got published. In result to that, she found her confidence in writing and later on, songwriting. Going back in time, Stephanie’s first instrument was the violin in the 3rd grade when she had found an interest in music. By the time she was in middle school, she was apart of the percussion section in Beginning Band. Fast forwarding to High School, she was a part of Hilltop High’s Music Tech Ensemble where she sang lead and learned the basics to playing piano. Two years later she was apart of the Chula Vista High Spartan Choir. Her first year of college was pretty big for her career but she didn’t know it yet. Stephanie’s brother (Arthur, also known as the co-writer to “Ocean”) had inspired her to learn more than what her major offered, that’s when she met Jay Henry. He said something in one of his lectures that caught her attention “What’s the point in writing hundreds of half written songs if you never finish the one you truly believe in?” Those words inspired Stephanie to finish writing “Ocean” and release it later that year. Jay had also advised her to go to the songwriters guild and the ASCAP Expo which is where she met Niko Steele. Stephanie also attended Berkley College of Music Vocal Summit that summer and performed “Ocean” live in front of an audience for the first time during her stay. 

In the year 2015, Stephanie became an artist known to the public as “Stephanie Love” and that’s when she released “Ocean”, produced by Tony Econom who later produced the Wild & Free EP, “Get Away” and vocally produced “Everything Has Changed.” In the year 2016, Stephane Love flew out to New York to perform at the Conde Nast Entertainment office for The Scene promoting her new songs from the Wild & Free EP and “Everything Has Changed”, this being her first full pop song she released with Niko Steele as her co-writer and producer. Stephanie became known and respected in the many songwriting communities in San Diego, Los Angels, Seattle, and New York. Over the years, Stephanie continued writing with Niko Steele and together they wrote “Everything Has Changed,” The Lust EP which was also produced by Jay Henry and mastered by Cliff Goodle, “No Love” mixed, mastered by Stevin Keith Dierks and vocally produced by EJ Aranzanso, “In Love And Alone” both single and EP were written and recored remotely in San Diego by Stephanie Love, Mixed and mastered in Los Angels by Kevin Ochoa, and produced in New York by Niko Steele during the 2020 COVID-19 Lockdown.

Stephanie Love has had vocal direction from Lucas Dominguez, Danielle LoPresti, Cassandre McKinley, Tracy Bee, and in currently working with Tiffy Jane. She’s also had the pleasure of working in the studio with, Tony Econom, Niko Steele, Kayja, Scott McDavid, Stevin Keith Dierks, EJ Aranzans, Kevin Ochoa, and Jae Henri. When she’s not working in the studio, she absolutely loves to perform. Stephanie has had the pleasure of performing at Southwestern College, Berklee College of music, Queen Bees, Tin Roof, La Maze, Dizzy’s, Lestat's, House Of Blues, and performed on The Scene in New York for Conde Nast Entertainment.